Mission + Vision

Our goal at Amie St.Jéan is to provide you the best value for your dollar, whether it is our higher end B&B or budget friendly Vacation Houses. That also includes any products or service we provide for you, or that you may purchase from us.

our history

Amie St.Jéan

I’m the owner of Amie St.Jéan Vacations. I have vacation rental houses for quite some time time, now, after years of renovating, and decorating, I’m finally opening my Bed and Breakfast.
Born and raised in California, I never imagined living anywhere else, let alone in the tourist industry. After my husband passed, I came to the Black Hills to visit a good friend. On that visit, I fell in love with the area.  I decided to buy my first house, (which I call my snowbird house) . In time, I decided to sell my home in California and invest that money in other properties. Before I even sold that house, I found what is now my home/Bed and Breakfast. The house originally belonged to John C Haynes (as in Haynes Blvd.) then later became the convent for St. Teresa’s Church. I purchased the house from the Catholic Diocese.
Always being an entrepreneur, I saw great potential in the house and knew I could showcase my hobbies and talents converting it into a Bed and Breakfast. I’m a decorator, gardener and foodie, just to name a few of my many interests. Having a friend in the antique business allowed me to furnish the house accordingly. I enjoy people and am looking forward to entertaining them in my home. I always have my eye on the future, and have plans of hosting small events, and will include sales. 

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